• Ray Kuo is a radiologist by day, Jiu Jitsu demon by night. Dr. Ray, as I like to call him, was trained as an engineer before he decided to go back to school to become a doctor. He is one of our “professional” students who took up Jiu Jitsu at a late age. Ray has been training with us at Kama Jiu Jitsu in Laguna Niguel, CA since about 2008, and was taking privates with me from 2009-2013. Since that time, I opened Kama Jiu Jitsu in Dallas, located at 1121 Flower Mound Rd (FM 3040), Suite 560, Flower Mound, TX 75028. At Kama Jiu Jitsu in Dallas, we teach the traditional Gracie Jiu Jitsu, as taught by Dave Kama. Dave is just one of a handful of American black belts under Rickson Gracie. Dave is also one of the first Gracie Jiu Jitsu black belts in the USA. There are key differences in learning your Jiu Jitsu from Kama Jiu Jitsu in Dallas. First of all, Kama Jiu Jitsu in Dallas specializes in “small man” jiu jitsu. Ever wonder how people of short height or light weight can successfully deal with larger, heavier, stronger opponents? THAT, my friends, is a Kama in Jiu Jitsu in Dallas

    Ray Kuo
  • Doug is another student of mine who makes his living as a corporate manager at a telecom giant during the day, but puts that aside at night and weekends to excel at Gracie Jiu Jitsu… and excel, he does. In his earlier days before earning his MBA and joining the corporate ranks, this “good ole boy” from Kansas worked nights as a bouncer at a club. Later, he served our country in the US Army (did I mention that Kama Jiu Jitsu in Dallas offers discounts off our monthly membership to the military as a little “thank you” for protecting our freedom? Well, WE DO!). After beginning his training in Kansas under a blue belt (!) (finding a qualified black belt in Kansas is apparently not an easy task) and training for around six months, he got relocated to Southern CA, where he looked me up on a Craigslist ad I had posted at the beginning of 2013. He started weekly private sessions with me in my garage February 2013, and began training in the Kama Jiu Jitsu Laguna Niguel group classes in April 2013. Suffice to say, Doug’s progress has been spectacular. I ask all my students to give my method of teaching a chance to work itself through, as he mentions in the video. While what I teach my students may not make total sense at the outset, they quickly see how the pieces begin to fit together. It all begins to “click,” as he also mentions. Doug has made the most of his investment in his learning and has tried his best to implement every bit of information I pass on to him (which is all I ask of anyone; to do their best to implement what I offer). During May 2013, we had a brown belt visitor who was seniors-level IBJJF competitor who had just come off earning a silver medal a couple months before as a purple belt at the PanAms. He decided to try Kama Jiu Jitsu out for a month to see if we were any different from his world-famous “black belt factory” academy, whose US headquarters is nearby in Irvine, CA. Doug rolled with him twice; the first time, recovering from being swept, passing the visitor’s guard, and pinning him in cross-side. Doug used his understanding of the cross-side pin to hold this brown belt for almost 5 minutes! The next time they rolled a couple weeks later, Doug not only passed and pinned his opponent, he mounted, held the mount for a period of time, and submitted him with a shoulder lock! Remember, Doug was still a white belt, and had been training just 4 months. They were also the same size and same age! In September of 2013, Doug was awarded his blue belt by Professor Dave Kama at our Laguna Niguel headquarters. I was a little sad I couldn’t award him his belt myself, but I had already relocated to teach BJJ in Dallas by that time. Thankfully, he continues to give all his training partners at our Laguna Niguel headquarters, all they can handle. Congratulations, Doug! Keep up the good work! Hopefully soon, you can come for a visit and train some BJJ in Dallas! Doug’s success, while it came quickly, is really not all that atypical from what you’ll be doing, training with me, learning BJJ in Dallas here at Kama Jiu Jitsu in Dallas. Granted, Doug started off doing weekly privates with me and then added the group classes shortly after. You can do group classes, private sessions, or both at Kama Jiu Jitsu in Dallas. Kama Jiu Jitsu in Dallas is located at 1121 Flower Mound Rd (FM 3040), Suite 560, Flower Mound, TX 75028. We are located inside Mid-Cities Martial Arts in the Kroger Mall. Our classes are Mon, Tue, and Thu at 8:30pm-10:00pm. Call us at 682-233-0721 to arrange for a free session! Or better yet, come and pay us a visit!  

    Doug Boshart
  • Travis, or Dr. Travis, as he is also known, became a student of mine while I was still a brown belt at Kama Jiu-Jitsu. Unlike many of KJJ’s students, Travis is quite physically gifted. Having recently come off employment stints as a personal trainer, and previously being a bodybuilder weighing more than 50lbs above his then weight of about 180lbs, he was presented a great “blank canvas” for me to begin with. Like many people who have athletic gifts, Travis picked up on the techniques quickly, and was able to retain them in his central nervous system, despite being a once-a-week student. He literally only did 90-minute private sessions, and that was it. Once in a great while, he was able to get some mat time in at another academy that was nearby, where he could work on the techniques I was having him work on during his privates. But for the most part, we used every private session as a teaching session, as well as a “rolling” session so I could make sure to “burn-in” the techniques I was teaching him. Being in medical school at the time of his beginning his Gracie Jiu-Jitsu journey didn’t allow him much time for additional mat time, which is of utmost importance. We worked around his schedule restrictions, and despite the time constraints, we were able to make significant progress in his “game.” At the time this video was recorded (July ’13), Travis was just 10 months into his blue belt and already “pounding on the door” to his purple belt. As tough as we are here at KJJ on belt rankings, it was hard to deny that abilities-wise, Travis should be wearing a purple belt. In fact, in April ’13, he had trained with Professor Fernando for the first time right after one of our private sessions, and Professor Fernando, after training with him for 10 minutes, also saw his progress and asked me, “Why isn’t Travis wearing a purple belt?” “Because I only gave him his blue belt 7 months ago,” I told Professor Fernando. Since in July, I had known I was leaving for TX, I decided to leave the awarding decision up to Professor Dave Kama. Try as he might, he could not find any reason Travis should not be wearing a purple belt. As a courtesy to me, Professor Dave held onto Travis’ purple belt for 4 months, so I could be there to see Travis awarded his purple belt after just 16 months (which is not unheard of, but extremely rare). Very nice! Here is Dr. Travis’ Testimonial “Hey, everybody, I want to take this time to give my testimonial of my experience with Ryan Young. He’s a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, a “Professor.” I’ve been training with him since day #1. He actually brought me into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and from day #1, it’s been a fantastic experience. The thing that drew me to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the first place, was that it’s a very cerebral game. It’s a fantastic game where your mind and your body work together in a way that I think is unparalleled. And, for that experience to be realized in the way that the Gracies originally intended it, you have to have an instructor who can show you how intelligent the game is, step by step. Professor Ryan Young did that for me. I haven’t been able to train that much. I’m an infrequent trainer, about once a week. I do about 90% of my training time in privates, if not more. And, for the last couple of years, week by week, I’ve been making improvements in a way that I didn’t think possible with my training schedule. And when I do have the time to train at other open mats and that sort of thing, I’m always extremely pleased with the way that I perform, and I think that’s entirely attributable to the fantastic training experience I had and the knowledge that Professor Young imparted upon me. I highly recommend training with Professor Young. He’s fantastic. You won’t regret it and it’ll be worth every minute of your time. ” Thanks, T! Feel free to contact us at either campus, Laguna Niguel or Dallas (Highland Village). We can be reached in the DFW area at 682-233-0721.

    Travis Nesbit
  • At age 53, Felix is Kama Jiu-Jitsu’s most senior student. He and his son Richie (KJJ DFW’s highest-ranked student and a Jr. Asst. Instructor) were my first two students here in Texas. While his son Richie earned his blue belt in record time, Felix’s journey to blue belt was a little longer. Definitely not the “couch potato” type of person, Felix has always been an athlete, and in his 50s, that athleticism still displays itself while he’s training. Sometimes, being an athlete makes learning our style of Jiu-Jitsu challenging, since our goal is to put a greater emphasis on technique, vs athleticism. Well, I’ll just let Felix tell you his story so far, as he posted on his Facebook page today. “Last night I achieved the next step in a long journey I have undertaken with Kama Jiu-Jitsu Dallas Fort Worth. I received my Blue Belt in Kama/Gracie Jiu Jitsu “Old School Jiu-Jitsu.” Here is my journey (so far): After a year and 4 months I have earned the next belt “Blue Belt” I have to say I never thought when I started this journey over a year ago and at 51 years of age, that I would get to this point. I have never been challenged both Physically & Mentally @ the same time like this. When I started the first few month’s (sessions) it was just Professor Ryan, my son Richie, and myself. I thought I would never get better because I just kept getting SMASHED and beat down every day and it seem(ed) like I was not progressing. Some days I would come home with multiple bruises and aches and pain(s) in areas I never felt before. Then a funny thing happen(ed), my stamina started increasing, I lost weight, I wasn’t getting as tired, and I started actually learning Jiu-Jitsu techniques. I’m an old guy (at) 53; actually, the oldest in a class of around 15 guys but, these guys DO KEEP ME YOUNG! The biggest lessons I have learned from Jiu-Jitsu are as follows: 1. How to relax under EXTREME PRESSURE. Believe me, it is NO easy task. Your body’s first instinct is to PANIC !!! and then do the wrong things and get submitted. 2. How to breathe. All those nights that we would do various drills (i.e. Knee in the belly, mount escapes, side control escapes) were brutal and felt like I was losing another day in the life I have remaining but, BOY! they taught you how do breathe when someone is smashing you OVER and OVER and OVER. 3. Patience – is the name of the game in Jiu Jitsu. It’s a highly technical skill which you can’t force or resort to strength. You need to have patience and depend & rely on the technique or it will take longer to learn the right way. 4. Think – Thinking under pressure. This is not easy either or easy to process in your head. Many nights I would go blank after working a technique for weeks and forget completely what I learned when I was under pressure. This happens I think to everyone at some point but, it sure taught me how to empty my mind under that pressure and recall the proper technique. Believe (that) it stills happens to me! 5. Last but not least, The challenge to our human body. I thought my body would not be able to withstand the constant beating, drills, and pressure I have endured in the last 16 months, but I was wrong. I have always been an athlete since my youth and into adulthood. I have participated until I turned 50 3 years ago in Basketball leagues and Baseball leagues playing with 20 year olds but, nothing has ever compared to this even going back to my prime. I want to thank first my Professor Ryan Young for taking me on this journey and for pushing me in ways I never thought I could. Thank you for believing in me. Your are a GREAT instructor and I (made) a lifetime friend. Also like to thank my Kids, Richie & David, for pushing me as well and believing in me. I know you guys enjoy CHOKING OUT THE OLD MAN! LOVE YOU ANYWAY! And last but not least, to my wife Betty for putting up with all the late nights training with the boys. Without your support I could not do this. Final thought: Kama/Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is the most amazing physical & mental activity you could ever do. The technical aspect of this art challenges every aspect of the human body starting with your brain, your muscles, and even your soul. If you have thought about it I highly recommend it. AND DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING NEW!” Well, that about sums it up! Remember, you do not have to be in athletic condition to begin your training at Kama Jiu-Jitsu! We ease you (as we do all our members) into a routine at a pace that works for you. As Felix alluded to, you’ll be amazed at what your body can achieve from the day you first step onto our mats, to the day you earn your blue belt, as Felix did last night! The blue belt is just the first “color” belt here at Kama Jiu-Jitsu. Just imagine for a moment, what you will be capable of once you earn your purple, brown, and (finally) your black belt! ***New special for people trying out Kama Jiu-Jitsu!!** Currently, we are offering anyone trying out Kama Jiu-Jitsu 2 FREE WEEKS to try out the Dallas Metroplex’s best Jiu-Jitsu school!! Try out our classes with no money out of your pocket, and no obligation! You can also give us a call at 682-233-0721, and I’ll answer all your questions personally! - See more at: http://bjjindallas.com/testimonials/#sthash.KTwcAjH3.dpuf

    Felix Rodriguez
  • “Hey, my name is Ray Kuo, I’m a purple belt at Kama Jiu Jitsu, and this is a testimonial for Ryan Young. I first met him when I was a white belt, and since then, through his teaching in class, and also, occasional private lessons, he’s really been able to help me get through the rough spots, tighten up my game, and keep me on a path towards progressing. He’s really good at breaking down your weaknesses and focusing what you need to do to get through the obstacles. Things like strategy, and perfecting techniques have been really helpful for me to continue to advance in a regular fashion. So, anyone that’s thinking of training with Ryan, I would highly recommend it. He’s a great teacher; very clear, and very patient. He’ll work you through all your trouble spots and keep you going.” No one would ever guess Dr. Ray is one of our best, technical purple belts. His command of the movements is spectacular, and despite his slight frame (5’8″, 150lbs), he is always able to hold his own, and eventually beat, larger opponents. If there is anyone who is a testament to the power of what we teach at Kama Jiu Jitsu in Dallas, it’s the proficiency of Dr. Ray’s Jiu Jitsu. Don’t be shy! Give us a call at 682-233-0721, or come by our school at 1121 Flower Mound Rd (FM 3040), Suite 560, Flower Mound, TX 75028 to say hi. We are located inside Mid-Cities Martial Arts in the Kroger Mall. Our classes are M-Tu-Th evenings at 8:30pm.

    Dr. Ray
  • “Hi, my name’s Doug, and I’ve been taking lessons from Ryan for what, how long now, about three, four months now… five months? Something like that. I came to Ryan after a few years… After I had taken lessons from someone else, and had a hiatus in between. It’s been a great experience so far. Ryan’s got a great technique for teaching. He teaches you multiple ways to do the same thing, so if one of the ways doesn’t work for you, maybe one of the other two will. He also has a set plan of how you should develop, and he sticks to the plan… You don’t see it immediately, but you do develop. You’ll realize as you go along, that, “oh, hey, this one thing he taught me three, four weeks ago… oh, that works right here.” And when you get to working with someone else, you’ll realize the techniques he’s taught you are invaluable. It’s good stuff! You’ll enjoy yourself. You’ll have a lot of fun. He’s a great teacher!” Thanks, my friend! Ryan.


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